queens park 2001

Creating uplifting, useful, comfortable and sustainable contemporary spaces for a young family of four that could easily change over time was the driver for the design.

Off the open public concourse of halls, kitchen, living and dining rooms, rooms are designed for multiple future uses as the family evolves. All have unique qualities that optimise their location and aspect. The diversity of items stored, both on display and out of sight, have produced unique joinery units.

The upper level is naturally lit through openings in the recycled plywood ceiling via an insulated translucent fibreglass roof giving even light throughout the day for creative tasks.

For a family committed to environmentally sustainability, five rainwater tanks collect water for garden use, windows are constantly adjusted to direct air over thick internal masonry walls for heating and cooling, water is solar heated, power is 100% green power, the pool is heated by solar, five worm farms and a composter use precious kitchen scraps to feed the vegetable garden.

Dense native plantings to the south provide a privacy buffer to the street while attracting native birds. An exotic garden to the north provides scented flowering trees, fruit and vegetables.