museum of contemporary art

'For over five years the MCA has worked closely with Architect Marshall. After successfully completing a refurbishment of the level 4 galleries in 2005, Sam Marshall was appointed to design the ambitious redevelopment of the MCA building to address access issues and restraints present in the existing building. It has been a mammoth project and one that Sam has undertaken with consistent enthusiasm, patience and with the utmost skill and creativity. Sam and his team have shown exemplary attention to detail, flexibility, innovation and vision. Sam has considerable knowledge in creating buildings that display contemporary art in all its forms through flexible, well designed spaces. Through the many years that we have worked closely with Sam he has been consistently approachable, absolutely professional, experienced & knowledgeable and above all, has been able to deliver creative design solutions with architectural precision.'

- Elizabeth Ann Macgregor, Director, MCA


'Wonderful to be here and celebrate @mca_australia's fantastic new Mordant Wing'

- Clover Moore


'10 of the best museum shops around the world'

- The Guardian


'It's a wonderful building with great spaces'

- Anish Kapoor, Artist


'... cutting edge architecture and technology combined to promote contemporary art' 

- Barry O'Farrell, Premier NSW

campbelltown arts centre

'In 2009 Campbelltown Arts Centre commissioned Sam Marshall to develop new exhibition spaces to present its contemporary visual arts programs. Sam Marshall took on a project that had a tight budget and high expectations in terms of what the project needed to deliver. There was both private philanthropic and Local and State Government invested in the project and its outcomes. Sam Marshall was able enter into a complex political environment and very effectively negotiate problem solve and come up with highly cost effective creative solutions that that not only delivered a high quality, flexible and usable exhibition spaces but also solved other issues related to the public identifying the building by its exterior. As an architect Sam takes has an open collaborative approach that ensure that the project team and the end users are part of the design process. He is able to do this without compromising on the high level of outcome that he is able to achieve.

Most importantly Sam Marshall created a series of exhibition spaces for Campbelltown Arts Centre that are flexible in their use and have the capacity to cater for the diversity of large scale installation works that Campbelltown Arts Centre commissions. Since the galleries completion there has been overwhelming amount of feedback by artists and curators who love using the space. I think this is Sam’s great talent that he inherently'

- Lisa Havilah, Former Director (2002 - 2010), Campbelltown Arts Centre (current Director of Carriageworks, Sydney)

object gallery

'Object’s relationship with Architect Marshall has been one of great significance and benefit to the design sector of Australia. As Australia’s leading space dedicated to the presentation of design, craft and architecture, Sam Marshall worked with our organisation through some incredibly challenging circumstances to help us realise an extraordinary new gallery space within limited resources. He made an enormous personal commitment to Object that was beyond what I believe any other firm might have been willing to consider. Sam Marshall and his associates took the Object team through a journey of amazing learning, collaboration and engagement. His process was relaxed but of the utmost professionalism, requiring highly creative solutions to some very demanding problems.

Architect Marshall is a practice fuelled by creativity and passion, but at it’s core Sam Marshall, in addition to being the exceptional designer that he is, proved himself to be an extraordinary communicator and negotiator. His skill to listen ensured clarity, his ability to collaborate bridged relationships fundamental to the project’s success and his ability to skillfully negotiate diverted crisis from escalating. I believe that communication along with creativity made for the enormous success found in the relationship between Object and Architect Marshall and the outcomes achieved.'

- Steve Pozel, Former CEO and Creative Director (1999 - 2016), Object Gallery