venice pavilion 2008

An entry for the Australian Pavilion in Venice. The rationale was:

Singular solid concrete pavilion = an island continent
Monolithic = presence & singularity of Uluru
Unique form = unique land, flora & fauna
Open-ended entry = land as vast endless beyond
Concrete left to accept weathering = old continent
Rough strong exterior with smooth precise interior = ocean around continent with unique biodiversity
Limited palette (concrete, glass, plaster) = unassuming demeanour
Art inside concrete building = unique achievement
Art on plasterboard walls = opals in kaolin
People in the offices on the canal = population on the coast
Natural light = abundance of sunlight
Roof as photo voltaic cells generating electricity to the grid (especially when the pavilion is closed) = repaying the multicultural diversity
Flexibility of exhibition space = democracy and accommodating easy-going nature